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Comfort,peace, and relief starts here.

At CannaMed Rx, it’s our mission to care for qualifying patients in need of life-changing relief in Texas. We strive to provide personalized and effective treatment for symptom relief while educating our community about the benefits and safety of medical cannabis.

We provide Medical Cannabis Prescriptions to Texas patients who qualify under the Texas Compassionate Use Program.

Meet Our Physician

F. Daniel Medrano, M.D.

Board Certified, Internal Medicine Hospice and Palliative Care

Dr. Medrano was born in Mexico City and grew up in Houston. He attended the DeBakey High School for Health Professions then matriculated at Rice University for his undergraduate studies. He attended Temple School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, and completed his combined Internal Medicine and Pediatric residency at the University of Texas at Medical Branch at Galveston.

Dr. Medrano spent his first 8 years post-residency as a hospitalist and attended to patients in multiple healthcare settings including hospitals, long-term acute care facilities, nursing homes, and skilled nursing facilities. It is during this time in his career that he was introduced to and gained a strong interest in palliative and end-of-life care. He has been an active hospice advocate, leader, and medical director since 2007. He is passionate about providing resources and care to his patients with end-of-life diagnoses. His interest in medical cannabis is rooted in his successful use of the medication for palliative care in his patients. In 2019, when the state of Texas allowed the use of medical cannabis in multiple non-hospice diagnoses, he co-founded Cannamedrx. The mission of CannamedRx is to recommend medical cannabis to as many qualified Texas residents in order to provide them relief, comfort, and peace.